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Established in 2017, Calm Studio Massage & Wellness is an esteemed Massage Therapy Practice dedicated to complementary healing for Women's Reproductive Health disorders. We specialise in Menstrual Health, Fertility, Pregnancy & Post Partum.


Our Founder, Lucille Lebouc has devoted her life to mastering ancient Ayurvedic Healing; helping clients achieve optimal wellness with the demands of our modern time. 

For your convenience, we are located just off the Great Western Highway. Our studio is nestled amongst an abundance of nature and peace. Our treatment space has been designed specifically for your comfort and respite.


Our studio is newly renovated with stylish, minimalist touches to help your mind feel clear and invite a feeling of spaciousness. It is equipped for your comfort and a lush, boutique wellness experience.

A fresh pot of herbal tea is always ready for before and after your treatment.

We have an ensuite bathroom with an extra large shower for clients to use after their Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage Therapy. Our bathroom provides a few extra touches to create a 'retreat experience' including women's organic sanitary needs, a hairbrush, organic face cream and hair ties.


Meet the Founder

Our founder opened Calm Studio in 2017 with a mission to support, educate & empower women both in physical & emotional healing.

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