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Endometriosis Treatment Package



A natural, non-invasive way to treat & manage Endo.


Treat the root symptoms of your Endo using a combination of 

Pre-Menstrual Massage Therapy, Castor Oil Therapy & Yoni Steaming Therapy.












State-of-the-art complimentary therapies scientifically proven to manage Endo symptoms.
























- Endocrine System Support

- Reproductive Tissue & Uterine Support

- Digestion & Liver Support



Treatments & Therapies included:

Over the course of 3 months, you'll receive 9 therapeutic treatments at our studio.

Consultation: Full Ayurvedic Consultation, Assessment + Treatment Plan (online)

Main Treatment: 3 x Pre-Menstrual Massage Therapy

Additional: 3 x Castor Oil Therapy

Additional Therapy: 3 x Yoni Steaming Therapy

Amount of visits:

3 visits, over 3 months.

How often:

Every 2-3 weeks (depends on your cycle length)

In Person Treatments will be:

Pre-Menstrual Massage + Castor Oil Therapy + Yoni Steaming Therapy

- during second half of your menstrual cycle (post-ovulation / luteal phase).


Length of treatments:

Consultation, Assessment + Treatment Plan (Online): 1hr15    /    75 min

Fertility Massage Therapy + Castor Oil Therapy + Yoni Steaming Therapy: 1.75 hrs   /   95 min



Total $1,130 (Including consultation)























BENEFITS of Pre-Menstrual Massage Therapy:

  • Alleviates Physical Symptoms: Premenstrual massage can help to alleviate physical symptoms associated with Endo such as bloating, pelvic pain & inflammation or cramping.

  • Reduces Endometrial Growths, Implants & Lesions: Stimulating techniques of Acupressure Massage can regulate & break down excess estrogen accumulated in the outer Endo lining.

  • Improves Regularity of Menstrual Cycles: Women with Endo often have irregular menstrual cycles, leading to infrequent, unpredictable, or absent menstrual cycles. PMS Massage helps to regulate the menstrual cycle & hormones.

  • Reduced Weight Gain or Loss: Reduced stress levels which normally contribute to cortisol & adrenal fatigue can cause a reduction in Endo weight gain or weight loss.

  • Reduced tension in the Abdominal Fascia & Pelvic Region: Increased circulation improves Oxygen flow towards the uterus & reproductive tissue leading to less tension, pain or discomfort.

  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety: Endo can cause emotional symptoms such as stress, depression, anxiety, & mood swings. PMS Massage promotes relaxation & reduces stress, which improves overall mood & reduces anxiety.

  • Improved Sleep & Hormonal Function: In severe cases, Endo symptoms can disrupt quality of sleep which is essential for Estrogen and Progesterone balance. PMS Massage improves sleep quality, & therefore overall hormonal function, reducing Endo symptoms.

  • Natural & Non-Invasive: Natural and non-invasive treatment option that is safe & can be used in combination with other treatments to provide symptomatic relief. 

  • Reduced Inflammatory Response: Ectopic endometrial tissue can trigger an inflammatory response in the pelvic area. With regular massage, this inflammation can be reduced & reverse symptoms of endometriosis, preventing pain & the formation of scar tissue (adhesions).


See more info about Pre-Menstrual Massage Therapy here.
















BENEFITS of Castor Oil Therapy:

  • Detoxification support for the liver, eliminating excess estrogen & unwanted toxins.

  • Improves hormonal balance & hormonal metabolism.

  • Reduces congestion, stagnation & inflammation.

  • Reduces adhesions, enlarged follicles, fibroids, cysts & heals scar tissue.

  • Aids the liver & stimulation of the lymphatics to properly drain old tissue.

  • Increases healthy blood circulation to reproductive tissue, promoting nutrient delivery & oxygenation.

  • Supports natural detoxification pathways & boosts healthy lymphocyte activity.


To purchase or enquire about a package, please contact us directly via email or over the phone.

We are here to answer any questions!


Email -

Phone - 0412 589 658



All packages must be paid in full upfront to secure your treatment package. Payment is processed over the phone. Please advise us if you need to discuss an instalment plan. Please note - due to the nature of the treatment packages, these are non-refundable.

Treatment Schedule

Your entire appointment schedule for your package can be booked & organised over the phone to secure your preferred appointment slots


you can opt to receive a package coupon code to make your own bookings via our booking system.

Book an appointment today.

Craving practical, educational tools


&  emotional support?


Menstrual Health & Endo Coaching

  • Expert Holistic advice & knowledge on Menstrual WELLBEING & Cyclical Living.

  • Inhabit lifestyle practices that help you achieve BALANCE with Endo.

  • Take on a step-by-step, PRACTICAL road map for your Endo Healing Journey.

  • Receive Mental & Emotional SUPPORT from our Qualified Counselling Professionals.

  • Achieve accountable HEALTH goals in your Endo Diet & Lifestyle.

  • Develop the confidence to NOURISH your Body & Cycle. (No more dieting!)

  • Take on a new, EMPOWERED & Educated approach to your Menstrual Cycle.

  • Restructure a HEALTHY & Balanced Mindset that serves your body.

  • HEAL Ancestral Trauma in your body.

Work with a Women's Health Coach to help you CREATE more Simplicity in your Endo Healing journey!


To find out more info about Endo Health Coaching, book a free connection call here.

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Castor Oil Therapy
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